Full Hackathon weekend schedule 

Friday, October 13 

  • 6PM - Kick-off remarks and project champion pitches (snacks served)
  • 7PM - Participants circulate, decide which project to work on, form teams and hack to it!
  • 12AM - Hack venue closes 

Saturday, October 14 

  • 9AM - Hack venue opens, breakfast is served
  • Noon - Lunch
  • 1-3PM - End users available for team inputs/focus grouping
  • 6PM - Dinner

Sunday, October 15

  • 9AM - Hack venue opens, breakfast is served
  • Noon - Hacking ends, lunch is served and teams present their demos to an expert panel
  • 2PM - High fives for hacking the Future of Work! 

Projects have been announced!

Hack for a cause!

The latest research shows that almost half of jobs today could be automated with robotics and artificial intelligence technologies.

The most automatable jobs involve repetition and can be found in industries such as accommodation and food services, manufacturing and retail trade. These are jobs largely occupied the most vulnerable workers in our communities including migrant workers, youth, low-income households and the aging.

This fall, <Hacking> The Future of Work will take on these challenges in a series of events, with featuring a weekend-long hackathon in Ottawa. It’s an opportunity to apply your creativity, coding, design, and data visualization skills to do good for your community.


We’re hacking The Future of Work to:

1) Identify, monitor and forecast what’s driving these changes, who will be impacted and how; and

2) Develop tech-based solutions to help the most at-risk workers through these transitions (up-skilling, re-skilling, entrepreneurship, etc.)

The hackathon will bring together 15 teams consisting of 4 technologists and subject matter experts (60 people in total).

Up to three teams with the most promising prototypes will be present at a meeting of The Trilateral Commission, a non-governmental policy forum, on November 4 at the Chateau Laurier.

Château Laurier

Up to three teams will be selected to present at a formal meeting of The Trilateral Commission


As part of this hackathon you will:

  • Gain an understanding of challenges and opportunities relating to the future of work;

  • Have the opportunity to forecast and disrupt the challenges with your ideas and skills;

  • Think critically as you build something new and helpful;

  • Meet, learn from and be inspired by creative, collaborative and caring folks like yourself.


Sponsors & Organizing Partners