Day 2 - Holy hackamole!

And we're back! 

It probably goes without saying, the energy today has kept its enthusiasm and at the same time is a bit more subdued given the midnight end (at the space at least!) last night and the 9am start today. 

The projects

Groups have split into 10 teams, one mega team became two smaller teams that are going to work on two different concepts. 

It's been fascinating to listen to the evolution of project ideas. Some groups have chosen to work with a project in its original form. Other projects have morphed and/or blended with other ideas.

For example, Rich's idea for a profile of non-traditional (i.e. people with disabilities or coming back to the work force after an extended period) candidates for employment has merged with Pat's idea of a union for the unemployed, to create an online gathering space for those disadvantaged by the current system of employment. 

Another group is working on what they're calling "Career Tinder" - an app that by swiping left or right on a series of questions allows the user to see a variety of career possibilities that match their skills and interests.

The group working on Jasmine's idea about where to find the right training for a particular job or career have stuck to the original concept and are putting in the time to make sure their end product is something both unique and useful.

It's also really interesting to see how the groups have formed. I'm realizing that it's important to, as much as possible, ensure that there are an assortment of skills represented in each group. People may have come with friends whose skills are similar but they've broken out into different groups to maximize productivity.


The Hub is filled with the hum of collaboration. Folks with a variety of skills are going back and forth between groups to share their knowledge and provide valuable input and support. Facilitators who have an idea of who has which skills are helping to bridge gaps in groups too. The buzz of the room rises and falls as teams go back and forth from hashing out ideas to focussing on product development. 

Data for good (open by default in action)

As someone relatively new to the world of open data, it's been educational for me to see how a wide range of datasets are being used in this process. There are large amount of datasets available, either only for this event or that are part of a larger open data project. Those who are familiar with the sets are helping others navigate to the ones that are most helpful to each idea being developed. Most of my knowledge so far is about releasing data so it's illuminating to see the other side where the data is being put to use. 

The energy is picking up as folks are getting more into their projects and ideas are becoming more solidified. My guess is this will continue to be the case as the day progresses - only time will tell! 

Chelsea Robinson-Sharman, #HackFoW Volunteer