Hack Demos

Job Match.jpg

Job Match

Team: Kamal and Adrianne

A service where users can find out how vulnerable their current job is, get an analysis of their personality, skills, interests [etc.] and be matched with related and emerging jobs.

Training Day.jpg

Training Day

Team: Tareq, David and Daniel

A reskill resource recommender: filling skills gaps toward low-automation-risk careers.

Hoot Mentor.jpg

Hoot Mentor

Team: Mundeep, Jason, Paige, Rock

A virtual mentor that remembers you from past interactions and is invested in your career mobility and agility. An app where machine learning is used (chatbot).

Mission Possible.jpg

Mission Possible

Team: Sai, Samira, Mikhail, Diyyinah, Carl, Daniel, Ingrid

Guidance counsellor tool that helps high school grads discover essential career information - whether they know what they want to do or not using a UX they know and like.



Team: Paul, Terralynn, Karicia, Pourya, Victor

Data visualization tool mapping 7 neighbourhood variables of Ottawa combined with sectoral and probability of automation data to show where Ottawans are most vulnerable to having their jobs automated.


Working for Work

Team: Rich, Tyler, Toby, Elvin, Ying, Pat, Jasleen

A digital community of unemployed people inspired by the labour movement and peer support networks.


Future Careers

Team: Adam, Ash, Julie, Issam, Shamir

Share your skills, preferences and passions, and in exchange, get real job postings that have a future in the market and can help make the world a better place.



Team: Sid, Alex, Mitul, Roy, Quang-Tri

A simple, accessible and easy to use web extension to help people make well informed career decisions.

Gig Fund.jpg


Team: Nem, Kang, Aqeela et. al.

Mobile app supporting gig workers to mitigate uncertainty in earnings and expenses to gain financial stability.



Team: Eric, Simon, Trevor, Tony, Yuji, Yuhan

Holistic WFM tool for businesses to navigate the new automation wave